Zhu, Xinge 

Email: zhuxinge123 at gmail dot com


Xinge Zhu is pursuing his PhD degree at Multimedia lab, Department of Information Engineering in the Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2018. His supervisor is Prof. Dahua Lin. Before that, he received his B.E degree in 2015, from Shandong University.

His research interests include computer vision and deep learning, particularly in weakly supervised & unsupervised learning, scene understanding and autonomous driving.


TrafficPredict: Trajectory Prediction for Heterogeneous Traffic-Agents [PDF] [Webpage][Dataset]
Yuexin Ma, Xinge Zhu, Sibo Zhang, Ruigang Yang, Wenping Wang, Dinesh Manocha
in AAAI 2019 (Oral)

Generative Adversarial Frontal View to Bird View Synthesis [PDF][Supp][Code]
Xinge Zhu, Zhichao Yin, Jianping Shi, Hongsheng Li, Dahua Lin.
in 3DV 2018

Penalizing Top Performers: Conservative Loss for Semantic Segmentation Adaptation [PDF][Supp]
Xinge Zhu, Hui Zhou, Ceyuan Yang, Jianping Shi, Dahua Lin.
in ECCV 2018

Pose Guided Human Video Generation [PDF]
Ceyuan Yang, Zhe Wang, Xinge Zhu, Chen Huang, Jianping Shi, Dahua Lin.
in ECCV 2018

Dependency Exploitation: A Unified CNN-RNN Approach for Visual Emotion Recognition [PDF]
Xinge Zhu, etc, Tianrong Rao, Dong Xu.
in IJCAI 2017

Recurrent Reinforced Visual Highlight and Label Relation Learning for Multi-label Image Classification
Xinge Zhu, Yuexin Ma
Tech Report

Image Tagging by Joint Deep Visual-Semantic Propagation [PDF]
Yuexin Ma, Xinge Zhu, Yujing Sun and Bingzheng Yan.
Best Paper Candidate of PCM 2017