If you are a lover of Nike drivers then give it a try as it may be for you. And straight equals greater distance. The result was a smaller average distance gain with his new TaylorMade, but still an impressive one. This is what keeps the golf industry in biz! I’ve been struggling with the driver lately and this came my way and saved my game off the tee. Even at a higher loft, he was able to reduce his spin rate an average of rpm. For example, if a golfer is pushing, fading or slicing the ball too much and they wish to draw the ball or hit more to the left for a particular course set up, they can change the position of their clubface to a more closed position.

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The 1-handicap, former college golfer started his fitting with a TaylorMade M2 Saying that it was easy to adjust and the set up options are impressive and they did effect ball flight. It was very easy to work the ball left and right.

Nike SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit Driver Review – Golfalot

Published 1 year ago on Aug 9, Cheers Simon in New Zealand. Super low-spin drivers were all the rage at the time. For those just wanting a standard head, Nike have non-adjustable versions of the new drivers and these will replace the successful SUMO range.


So now when his drives hit the fairway, they will keep rolling. With the G, I launched my drives an average of 1.

Loved the V2 but I wanted a little more feel and a little more carry with less spin. Write a Review Rate This Product: Long and legit, if you are remotely interested, hit one and see for yourself. We would take this driver over the Square version of the Dymo STR8-Fit driver, but it is really down to personal preference.

The shaft ends in an adapter that fits into the hosel. News 1 month ago.

Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit Driver Review

I put this combo up side by side with my SumoEpic 68X, and it was longer with s more penetrating ball flight. Driver Reviews Members Choice: Custom shafts are also available.

In Their Own Words: Club face angles range from a neutral position of zero degrees to both one and two degrees closed or open. The Dymo which 20099 for Dynamic Moment of Inertia will effectively replace the Sumo range that has been so successful.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. As this list indicates, however, some drivers are working better than others this year.

Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit Driver Review – Golfalot

Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. For that reason, he switched George from the 8. The bad news was that forward-CG drivers, by nature, were really unforgiving.


The ball just seemed to stay on the same trajectory and carry forever and got plenty of bounce and run at the end.

Square geometry is about straight and long, great sound, optimal launch by loft, and great looks.

The Big Review – Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver

However it did seem to go a little bit further than the square version and certainly looks a lot better at address with its classic lines. Just when you thought Str8-fot drivers couldn’t get any cooler, they do! Seeing the difference in trajectory from 2open to 2closed is absolutely hilarious!

I’ve forgotten my password. When Nike Golf athlete Immelman won his first major championship title at The Masters tournament on Augusta National, he decided to use a non-straight driver in his bag. I do want readers to keep in mind that this was a one-person test and I hit a limited amount of balls. The only thing I liked better with the R9 was the sound. This is definitely one of the best sounding square drivers we have tested and the feel right across the face was very good too.