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No Longer Available Update Location close. Bought this mixer and am very pleased as to what it does. If the knobs are pushed to 3 quarts, it begins to hear. By erovin in forum Recording Techniques. However, even some of the smaller details have been really well thought-out. All of the usual headaches of chords and amps and instruments that send a low buzz still exist but they are mostly external instrument and chord problems that I was able to troubleshoot away.

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No breath at all.

Alesis MultiMix 16 USB 2.0

Missing semi parametric mids, insert the compressor or gate. The only think that could have been improved is more main out puts. Sort by most recent most useful. Before I was using a behringer console, and I can tell you that we strongly feel the difference. A qualisation that works well.

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The only aspects missing from a channel strip signal sent to the computer are auxiliary returns – because auxiliaries are shared, there would be no way to prevent returns from other channels bleeding into your chosen channel. Bought this mixer and am very pleased as to what it does. I have done two live recording session with two different bands and so far.


I think probably the same kind j’achterais console later volumes but also more pro yetbut I am delighted with my purchase. The USB connection provides fast, low-latency, bit, Request a new review.

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The mixer works except when it doesn’t on a PC, after a few minutes its Rice Krispes snap, crackle, and pop until you power cycle either the mixer or the computer. Not Specified by Manufacturer.

A 3-band EQ with sweepable parametric mids is provided on channelswith a standard 3-band EQ on channelsand 2-band EQ on channels Steinberg Cubase LE included. True multitracking on a board that can also run sound to a live room was achieved. The manual is clear and sufficient? Multitrack recording by usb on vista and win7 akesis was extremely hard to set up.

Nothing to do with the poor consoles behringer console or other low-end: The Alesis has decent preamps also according to a pro I sent a sample to. Of course the documentation and drivers etc. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Just like they said, I can see myself in the future playing a live gig while recording the whole thing, and even offering the service to some bands around the city. Flexible master section that includes effects.


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What is missing to be the top: Switchable 75Hz high pass filters. Our Verdict A compact mixer and audio interface for the road or the studio.

The driver support hasn’t been very current. I’m about to find out if it works well with windows 7. However, even some of the smaller details have been really well thought-out.

You can’t layer shit with another layer of shit and expect it to sound like anything other than multiple layers of shit. Compact channel mixer has mic, line, and guitar level inputs, ideal for home, project, and mobile studios USB connector provides plug-and-play compatibility with Macs and PCs with no drivers to install USB interface supports bit, alesi No Longer Available Update Location close.

Soundcloud Page I multiimix care about my ego, I care about my mixes–Just say what you mean.