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Board address select a board address DC00 works well, the address can not be used by other devices 5. This error message appears just after Windows finishes loading before trying to run anything like RSLinx. Sign in Already have an account? If it were me, I would look for a series A with cables on eBay. I have since plugged the ethernet card back in and don’t get the error on startup at all. HP Is there a utility or technique to check the integrity of the card? If they do, then keep hunting for available resources and conflicts on the NT system.

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Do you know if the “diagnostic” program there would sfries to test an NT 4 system? Sign In Sign Up. I have not tried to go on-line with it since.

Download Allen Bradley PCMK Series B

Don’t know much about 2K or XP. Run any diagnostic program bradly may have come with your card to verify that the card is no longer functional. You should probably use the series B just make sure you get series B cables. So I get an angry call from a customer one day.


PCMK/B Card Health – – Interactive Q & A

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Find More Posts by Mark Buskell. In the late 90s, notebooks were coming out that didn’t support the 8-bit cards. I need some help!! You are not registered yet.

I am running NT4.

Find More Posts by rsdoran. Under board type select PCMK 4.

Oh, wait a minute. Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc. August 13th, Since then, I cannot boot up without generating a fault. Started by gking18 Apr This morning, I had to switch to DH again, and rather than changing my configuration, I deleted it from Linx and added a bradlsy one.

Please click here to register! The worst case scenario would be that your notebook isn’t compatible with the series A. Give me a sensitive idiot.

May 31st, December 19th, It was a crapshoot whether it would work at all or not with just about every notebook that came out. All this is still kinda new to me, would the ser A card suite me for communicating with a slc and maybe a plc 5. Where alllen this bizarre thing come from?!?!


1784-PCMK A or B?

Posted 18 Apr I’ve got kind of a funny story about PCMKs. Can you tell I’m a bit partial to Panasonic Toughbooks?

Thanks for the feedback, Marc. I know you have probably done this but sometimes its better to start from scratch: