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All flash devices are divided into some number of erase blocks, or sectors, which vary in size, depending on the flash vendor and device size. Whenever you reconfigure the MPU, you must first disable it, and re-enable it after configuring. In this tutorial, you edit the Platform Designer testbench system before generating the simulation model. Each section in this tutorial provides an overview describing the components that you instantiate. Also included are two design examples, with notes about how they work. When you stop the global counter, other counters do not run. You can control the value of BSP settings several ways:

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You can perform this tutorial on hardware without a license. These macros are very efficient, requiring only two or three machine instructions. If you are debugging the application using the source-level debugger, you fkash use a hardware breakpoint because the EPCQ cannot efficiently support random memory access.

Each section in this tutorial provides an overview describing the components that you instantiate. By default, these sections are automatically generated by the HAL.

Memory performance and capacity requirements are small for simple, low cost systems. A direct memory access DMA engine moves memory contents from a source location to a destination location.

Because of flash memory’s slow altega speeds, you should not use it for anything that does not need to be preserved after power-off. You can change the timer interval and the number of sections that the performance counter measures. The SDRAM controller in the top-level Platform Designer system has a bit local interface width, therefore memory data width in bytes is 4 bytes for the tutorial design. All object files are supported, including ELF files, object files.


Embedded Design Handbook

You can run this ModelSim script in ModelSim to compile, elaborate, or load for simulation. Each software example displays information on the screen. After the GNU profiler identifies areas of code that consume the most processor time, a performance counter or a timer component can further analyze these functional bottlenecks.

It guides you through system requirement analysis, hardware design tasks, and evaluation of the system performance, with emphasis on system architecture. Hardware developers can map the data bits of an interface in any order. Efficient memory use increases the performance of FPGA-based embedded systems.

Additional instances are numbered incrementally, starting at 1 -instance “1”. One disadvantage to measuring performance with a performance counter is the size of the counter. Use the jtagconfig -n command to help you understand the devices with JTAG connections to altrra host PC and how you can access flas.

In this tutorial, you edit the Platform Designer testbench system before generating the simulation model. If the processor uses a different arithmetic byte ordering than the rest of the system, you must write software that rearranges the ordering for all multibyte accesses.

Your resource options include traditional Intel -based support such as online documentation, training, and My Support, as well as web-based forums and Wikis. Each command contains a start address, test length in bytes, and memory block size in bytes. The software project is flexible: If you do not know how to develop software to test new hardware components, Intel recommends that you work with a software engineer to test the components.


If you are unable to use other commands, check whether your JTAG chain differs from the simple, single-device chain used as an example in this section. To connect a PowerPC processor to the interconnect, you must rename the bits in each byte lane as shown below. The csr cfl controls the behavior of the PRBS pattern generated.

IntelĀ® FPGAs and Programmable Devices

To generate a list of symbols from your. RapidIO is a high-performance packet-switched protocol that transports data and control information between processors, memories, and peripheral devices. The boot copier is placed at the reset address, if the runtime location of the. The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site.

Platform Designer allows multiple reset fladh, or one reset signal for the system. If the output is still partially truncated, increase the delay value passed to usleep. The rules for the HAL default linking behavior are contained in the Intel -generated Tcl scripts bsp-set-defaults.