Tell us what’s missing. This provides a means for printing a filefrom a computer that does not have the printer driver installed, as the user can simply send the file to the machine asan e-mail attachment. When you are asked how the printer isconnected, select [Connected to this computer]and click the [Next] button. Account numbers are stored in the key operator programs. Push the tray in completely. If you have finished storing auto-dialnumbers, press the [BACK] key.

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If youare unable to solve the problem by checking the list, turn off the power switch, unplug the power cord. Press thekey once againto return to the original screen. Printing text in blackText that is any color other than white is printed in black. Sanner a sheet paper capacity, sheet bypass tray, standard dpi host-based printing, and duplexing capability, this compact performer can easily keep pace with the most demanding offices. To cancel a manual original size setting,press the [CA] key.

A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car. If you do not wish to have recalling take place, set thenumber of attempts to “0” steps 6 and 7. Please read this chapter beforeusing the fax function. Open the side cover. Paper cassette – sheets – Ledger 11 in x 17 in Bypass tray – sheets – Ledger 11 in ar-m1662 17 in.


Sharp AR M162 – multifunction printer ( B/W )

Base screen of scan mode 1 2 3 4 5 Ready to scan. See the “Keyoperator’s guide”.

This is only possible on modelsthat have an RSPF installed. To set the international transmission mode, completesteps 1 through 13 on pages 62 to 64 and then followthe scannner below. A password is required to accessthis screen. Follow the steps below to replace the toner cartridge.

Unless the name was changed when configuringthe settings, it will be [SCxxxxxx] “xxxxxx” is asequence of scanmer that varies depending onyour machine. The normal setting is to have page numbers printed.

Note6NoteWhen the job separator tray isinstalledThe output tray can be selected whenselecting ag-m162 settings at the time ofprinting. This function has been enabled at the factory. Normally “2” is selected. Perform the following steps after placing the document in the document feeder tray or on the document glass.

Sharp AR-M MultiFunction Printer-Scanner-Copier (Optional: Fax)

The destinations can be set foradministrators and dealers respectively. However, up to 18 characters can be entered for a account name or sender’s name.

Side cover2Remove the misfed paper. This function is convenient when you frequently send documents, ar-m612 as a daily report, to the samedestination. The printer is connected by USB cable.


I can’t find anything for Sharp Button Manager, which appears to be a program and not a device. Rapid dialling, speed dialling, and group dialling. Printer Status Monitor for general users Printer Administration Utility forthe administrator This allows the user to check on the computer screenwhether or not the machine is able to ar–m162.

If you make a mistake, press [C] key andthen re-enter the correct number. When the message “Add scanenr.

This feature rotates the print image degrees to enable correct printing onpaper that can only be sxanner in one orientation. In this event, be sure to remove all torn pieces of paper fromthe machine, taking care not to touch the photoconductive drum the green part.

Align the upper left-hand cornerof the original with the tip of themark. Printing does nottake place DATA indicator isblinking.