I got mine back in December and cannot agree more with your review. The X1s presents vocals ever so slightly more forward. I realize this Aune X1S is roughly a 2 years old now and was a product of ish but even then, it really should not have been used here. Written by crabdog Published Jan 26, The low noise floor and low distortion make the X1s 10th a pure background and restore tiny details. Bass was tight, mids were lush, and highs were crisp and detailed. The Asian market has given us a lot of goodies over the past few years, have they not?

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Army-FiredawgOct 24, It’s all wrapped up in a gorgeous chassis that thankfully moves away from the common, straight-edged boxes that are so prevalent. There x1e a sort of synergy between the DAC and amp in the X1s that produces an engaging and detailed sound.

Aune X1S 32BIT / 384 DSD128 MINI DAC 10th Anniversary Edition / Headphone Amplifier Black

After reading the more than positive reviews on Head-fi, the Aunw X1S looked like a strong contender in the mid-fi market, some even claiming that it blew the glorified “Schitt Stack” out of the water. Aune lent me the unit for my honest opinion, and a bit of background about myself.

This is important to me, as it allowed me to really fine-tune the volume with not only headphones but also IEM. But I’m x1ss the Carolina Canfest 5 where a generous number of Schiit products are available.

The Aune also proved adept at reproducing sweeping scale and emotion as evidenced during the final movement of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. It is a special version to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launch of X1.


Aune X1S 10th Anniversary Edition Review

Given that, you can still enjoy large sound field headphones and even speakers just fine. All of their aunw boast an industrial finish, placing extensive focus on the sound quality and less emphasis on product aesthetics.

The only things to take note of are the 3 switchable filters that the X1S has to offer. That being said, I couldn’t hear any changes in frequency response on my ohm headphones between this and the Dragonfly Red. Cons – for some people can sound a bit sterile and not too much engaging.

I could definitely hear a family resemblance. The interior of the box is heavily cushioned with foam fittings, putting the X1S out of harm’s way.

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This is our first Aune product we review, so would like to share a quick introduction to this company: Is that a bad thing? There also exists a nice weight to it as well as I list it up and examine. The volume knob is a treat. Written by crabdog Published Jan 26, Coax limited to 24bit though, so be careful if you were interested in primarily using that as your source input.

The X1s offers a fairly complete standard aaune system that will allow you to connect most of your HiFi devices without difficulty. The FLC 8S and Alpha and Delta 01’s warranted the shifting of the volume knob to the 8 o’ clock position for a suffiicient listening volume. Although there was a USB drive included in the package with the drivers preloaded on it, the one I received had errors and the driver file was corrupted. The packaging before you even open it is striking, but also very professional looking and gave me complete confidence that what I was about to experience is meant for true audio enthusiasts and not a gimmick.


Do take note that the highs and mids are not sibilant but they have enough body and sparkle to warrant their “pristine sound” praise. The dB dynamic indicator restores large signals and good transients. The listening experience was similar to that with the blue valve, but it allowed the X1S’s detail extraction to shine through a bit more.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Most of the time I used it jus connected in USB mode to my laptop with flac 16,24 bit and DSD files and for sure it is a well upgrade in sound quality over the internal chip of my Samsung R model. With the new x1 model, Aune wanted to create a simple, easy to use and affordable audio product.

Okay, enough complaining, let’s get on with the rest of the review.

Aune X1S 10th Anniversary Edition Review | Headfonics

The sound from this pairing was detailed with a wide soundstage. The Aune series is not really known for excellent staging, to begin with. Contrast that with wune black X1S’s high contrast white textwhich would be highly visible under a wider range of lighting conditions.