Physical Design Upon first examination of the card, we were sorry to see there was no protective cover or EMI shield for the card and its components. The last tab shows the Direct X version detected and the driver revision of the C-Media software. Although, the card did not fare well in our legacy testing, it excelled with current titles. There is no bloatware or trial versions of any software here. If you do bend the pins of an OpAmp, all is not lost.

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For those looking for digital connectivity, there is one coaxial input and one coaxial output jack. The hardware and software features of the X-Meridian 2G are almost identical and you will really not Needless to say, our headphone experience was as good as our analog 5. We were not bit-steaming audio to a digital receiver because that would bypass the s operational amplifiers on the X-Meridian 2G.

So, what exactly does this mean? There is a multitude of input and output choices on the backplane of the card. We chose Medal merridian Honor because we were wanting to see if a balanced sound signature would do this game justice.

For those of you that would like to see the physical differences in the original X-Meridian 7.

The back of the sleeve has a grading system provided by Auzentech that gives the card four stars for music and movie performance but only two for gaming.

A basic version of MediaMonkey for music playback and the sound card’s full PDF manual are bundled with the product drivers on the included CD. The original X-Meridian marked a dramatic shift in the market and peoples auaentech of these devices. Auzentech uses mefidian same sound chipsets as its competitors, Creative Labs, HTOmega, and Mmeridian, do in its cards, and it always customizes its board designs to expand hardware features and performance for PC audio enthusiasts.


Next, we tried a set of Audio-Technica A closed headphones. It simply reproduced and blended each of them without us ever having to raise or lower our volume levels throughout the movie to remain comfortable. Lastly, we tried the original F. When mwridian over Windows Messenger and Auzentehc, friends stated we were exceptionally clear and that we should not speak so closely to the microphone. The sampling rates above include 24 bit, KHz for playback.

Your email address will not be published. Creative has never incorporated these features in its consumer sound cards; it merely has a “headphone out” on its newest flagship sound card, the Titanium HD. We chose the headphone setting in the C-Media software. We did not have an original X-Meridian for testing, so we cannot comment on its sound or recording playback.

Auzentech X-Meridian 2G Sound Card Review – Cheap PC hardware News & Rumors

Introduction To those that have been following the soundcard market and industry as a whole, the original X-Meridian 7. Analog Audio Maximum Level: The driver CD also has a PDF manual for the sound card and Media Monkey limited edition for music playback which we will install later for music testing.


During our month long testing of the X-Meridian 2G, we did not have any sort of system crash or unexplained reboot related to a sound issue.

The first tab allows for selection of the number of channel inputs and outputs as well as headphone, speaker, or digital output.

Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G Sound Card Review

The company gained its notoriety in the PC sound world because it has never manufactured its sound cards according to generic reference designs. Virtual Surround over 2 channel speaker or headphone Unique Karaoke functionality: We saw a grenade land in front of us and roll to our left.

As cars enter and leave tunnels and crash on the track, sounds carry perfectly with every camera angle. Tech Support Like many other large tech companies, Auzentech does not offer phone based tech support. Auzentech made an expansion board for the original Meridian 7.

We played through the entire single player campaign. Although The X-Meridian was soon in demand, its core audio chipset was in short supply. Upon first examination of the card, we were sorry to see there was no protective cover or EMI shield for the card and its components. We put Auzentech’s new card to the test.