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Please do not update this page, as it will be locked soon. Retrieved from ” https: AlanK AlanK To fix that, select the light and go to the shading panel [F5]. Have you tried the dope sheet; you can scale and move all or selected key frames on all or selected objects. Add a plane, scale 3 times [S key, 3, Enter] and sub-divide 4 times until you get something like the shape below. Thanks to the new python API, it is possible to customize the interface and change the place of panels or buttons.

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Doc/Manual/Introduction/What’s new in this series – BlenderWiki

For best results, I recommend you use Blender version 2. From BlenderWiki Jump to: Properties present data to users. Now, if you press and hold the Left Arrow Key, you should see the Empty move back to its starting place. Read more about 2. We have moved the Blender User Manual to a new location. The default key maps will always be unaltered and available to use.


Change the values and press the buttons shown in the picture. For each editor in Blender as well as for all modes or modal tools like transform, there are multiple key maps. You now have options for i;o light. Gizmojunk Gizmojunk Retrieved from ” https: Press [I key] and then select LocRotScale from the list it gives you. Now you can set keys in every editor: Animating the Gingerbread Man.


This window just shows where the key frames you entered are, ipk how much the shape changes, moves or rotates. Texture or Constraint ones.

Charaters are simple objects with shapekeys and Delta LocX animation. I have set two separate systems: Unfortunately, drivers io not possible here given various evaluation order things.

So what is the Blender 2. I can post a blend if it will help. So except if I still miss something, the NLA seems to be destructive in some b,ender.

Doc:DE//Manual/Animation/Timeline – BlenderWiki

Place it about -5 from the centre [G, y, -5] and make sure its still in the middle of the X axis. Introduction What is Blender?

You should see the “wind” hit the sheet and the sheet will blow away.


Ambient Effects Mist Stars 2. From BlenderWiki Jump to: Page status reviewing guidelines Images Images from 2. This now shines the light in the direction of the plane, but, if like mine, the light is above the plane in top-view, press blendeer, [Y] and then Except by making a fake infinite animation by typing a high number in the EndFrame of the Action Extents field. When you press the ANIM button, it starts rendering the animation. Scripting is not my cup of tea: The Delta Loc and the shape keys are on the same object.


Add a plane, scale 3 times [S key, 3, Enter] and sub-divide 4 times until you get something like the shape below. Now, press the Up Arrow Key until you get to frame i;o about 3 times. Images Images from 2.