New career on horizon for Nutmegs Desire. In Buddy Gilmour became the sport’s leading driver. We kept the same horse year after year after year. William “Buddy” Gilmour has passed away last night at the age of Lass A Rope schools her elders. In , he guided Laughs to victory in the Meadowlands Pace, winning in a seven-horse blanket finish. But with the influence of him and others, many of whom fill the Hall of Fame, racing reached its heyday.

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Major showdown in the Buddy Gilmour

Single season record holder at Northfield Park. He’s a talented, hard-working, consummate horseman with a devil- may-care attitude. Beissinger admitted that just about all aspects of driving have changed since his heyday, from the catch-driver to the evolution of speed, to the way drivers sit in harnese sulky and hold handholds. Both wins coming in non-winners of two company at The Meadowlands.

You have buddy be born with the skills. Lass A Rope schools her elders. Then misfortune in the form of a barn fire which wiped out his stable at Batavia prompted the then thirty year old to seek his fame on the Yonkers-Roosevelt circuit and there indeed did he achieve the pinnacle of his career.

Gilmour goes out a winner – after 45 years! :: Harnesslink

Over the years many a horsemen learned that you never try to wrest the lead from Gilmour when he’s on the front-end.


As for myself, Buddy was one of those great drivers who raced on the Yonkers-Roosevelt circuit before the Meadowlands opened and was part of one of the strongest driving colonies there were, competing against drivers like Del Insko, Carmine Abbatiello, Ben Steall, Herve and Henri Fillion and other top drivers. Gilmour said when he trained and drove his own, he often tried to get a horse ready a month before a stakeā€”a plan that seems as obsolete now as the Edsel.

These guys are my friends.

New career on horizon for Nutmegs Desire. Upset winner in final Open Trot of season. Single season record holder at Northfield Park. They do a good job the way racing is now. Although his reign ended when Zeke Parker called Monticello Raceway home in Gilmour still was among the leaders in races won every season right into the mid’s.

Of course, the horses are a lot better-gaited today, and plainer-gaited, and safer. Read More News About I don’t know how I forgot John, being he is the one still active in the sport. Buddy drove alot of my Dad’s horses and I remember him well.

Buddy Gilmour Night at Batavia Downs Gaming will feature video highlights of many of the greatest victories during his Hall of Fame career. My sympathy goes out to his family on their loss. Commission seeks accredited judge.


Read More News About But neither of the two had the success William Buddy Gilmour did. Now buddy and Hrness will be racing together To read the comments posted in the Hall of Fames about Buddy Gilmour, you can click on this link.

Upset winner in final Open Trot of season. Gilmour’s first drive came in and three years harbess he arrived at Batavia Downs. Thank you for posting this. So much so, that there’s hardly a sole on the backstretch-save a few guys he’s “hung out to dry” recently-that has a bad word about him. I do have one favor to ask, though, can you please update your post to say that he was one of 4 brothers in harness racing?

New career on horizon for Nutmegs Desire. His record speaks for itself. I worked for Buddy from to and it is still one of the most favorite and exciting periods of my life. Interested in harness racing? Pacing Championship with Millers Scout.