Retention hole Retention hole Retention hole Retention hole Retention module base 2. When this field is enabled, the Award BIOS will monitor the boot sector and partition table of the hard disk drive. Some of the most common things to check when you encounter problems while using your system are listed below. Access to all other options is denied. AC Power Failure Recovery When power returns after an AC power failure, you may choose to either power-on the system manually, let the system power-on automatically or return to the state where you left off before power failure occurs. These apply to a standard specification and will depend on the type and speed of your device.

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You may do this by using one of the 3 methods listed below. This is because the system is capable of storing all programs and data files during the entire operating session into RAM Random Access Memory when it powers-off. Make sure pin 1 of the cable connector is aligned with pin 1 of J5. The time now is Pins and short default The front audio is disabled.

Since both drives are in master mode, the system will not be able to detect the IDE drives. Would pulse the fans, that was it. The system will instead use its factory default ratio. Could I pay you to do it? Driver Installation You may need to install the proper drivers in your operating system to use the IrDA function. Regardless of whether the Power Management function is enabled or disabled, if the power button is pushed and released in less than 4 sec, the system enters the Suspend mode.


Award is a registered trademark of Award Software, Inc. The application program will allow you to configure 2-channel, 4-channel and 6-channel audio modes as well as configure the audio effects.

DFI PS35-BL BIOS v.08.12

Make sure pin 1 of the audio cable connector is aligned with pin 1 of J3. What does that mean? The Windows Task Manager dialog box will appear. However, upon inspection, I found a badly burned ATX connector and header Gold mark Pin 1 4. You will not be prompted for a password when you cold boot the system.


Push and release again in less than 4 sec to restore. This cable helps make a much easier cable routing and offers better airflow in the computer when compared to the earlier ribbon cables used with ATA drives. If your monitor has such a switch, set it for analog.

The power button will not function once a keyboard password has been set in this field. Connect one end of the cable to the wakeup header on the card and the other end /bo location J10 on the system board. Please go to DFI’s web site at “http: There is not enough space left on the diskette.


Ground Power The chassis fan connector J19 and second fan connector J15 are used to connect cooling fans.

DFI PSBL Motherboards – Badcaps Forums

b When set to Off, the function of the numeric keypad is the arrow keys. The 4 audio output signals together with the line-out jack at the rear panel support 6-channel audio output.

Do you want to execute? This is recommended when you encounter transmission problem with your device. The System Properties dialog box will appear. Replaced these two caps this picture shows a temporary used replacement fan, and this was before I hit it with some compressed air, my apologies.

I also replaced the power supply and the ATX header on the motherboard on this last one. One was having trouble turning on.

Your LAN card must support the remote wake up function. Make sure it is completely seated.