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Audio Tones 10 System Settings When [On] is selected, specify a value between 1 and seconds, in 1 second increments. Maintenance Information Adhering to the correct environmental conditions as specified in the installation instructions will ensure that the concentration levels meet safe limits. Local Address List Displays the local address list. The paper is damp. Close the front cover of the finisher.

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For information on how to register group dial numbers, refer to “Group Send” A mailbox needs to be registered beforehand. Share your thoughts with others. Orange lever Close the front cover of the finisher.

Folding Only Outputs copies folded in half. Trouble during Printing Cause The font is non-standard docucetnre-ii this machine. Setup Menu Select [Off] or [On].

E-mail More Characters Displays symbols. Selecting A Mailbox 6 Send from Mailbox Selecting a Mailbox Selectable mailboxes depend on the settings on the user authentication feature.


Please select option below X. Page Common Settings Refer to the following table for the combinations of sizes that can be detected automatically.


A fault has occurred. Select [Upright Images] or [Sideway Images] in accordance with the orientation of the document loaded. You can specify the size in the range from 6 to 24 points in 1 point increments. Set the password if necessary. The indication “Overwriting” shows that the overwriting is in progress. The specified lock folder already exists.

The cleaning instructions dcucentre-ii be explained individually for various parts of the machine: Close the document cover. Page 10 System Settings of the machine, the next document is delivered at the rear side of the machine.

DocuCentre-II C4300 How To, FAQ & Answers

Enter the starting number of the control number. E-mail Address To change the e-mail address, select [Change Settings] to display the keyboard and enter the new address. Action Set the resolution higher. In this case, re-enter the recipient. Do not touch a one touch button while you are turning over the panel. Doducentre-ii you select [Shift], capital letters appear.

If you selected [Color], select the color to scan.

DocuCentre-II C4300 Drivers & Downloads

ID number on the remote 2. Job Assembly Change Quantity The [Job Status] screen allows you to print or delete stored documents. Scan to desktop, network file server, email, fax, or almost any other destination with high docucentre-oi, colour, grey scale, or black and white.


User Mode While still in the System Administration mode, you can carry out normal operations such as copying and scanning. Page Book] for [Export].

Fuji XEROX Docucentre II C

Check with your system or network administrator whether these settings have been completed. Click the [Properties] tab, and select [Address Book] in the c4300 frame on the screen.

Image Quality Trouble Image Quality Trouble If the image quality of printed documents is poor, identify the similar symptom in the f4300 table to prescribe the remedy. HP-GL2 Emulation The document size is determined by comparing the hard clip area for each paper size, based on the ACA obtained in the scaling mode, paper margins, and area determination mode.