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But if it is not a wireless mouse, the mouse is broken. ReviewStream real consumers real experience. So I decided to buy an optical or cordless mouse If yes, move the AP router farther away from receiver, and also move the mouse closer to receiver. Have a rest Consumer game Request review Is your opinion valuable?

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I had the monitor, the CPU and its accessories. It’s way too sensitive for me and I wasn’t used to it since it was my first time geniuus own a laptop.

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Please try to change a new battery first geinus needed. The only negative thing I have noticed with the Genius GMP is that when you leave the mouse stationary for too long, the cursor jumps on your screen – which to me is an annoyance at times, but not enough so as to not want to use it, or to want to replace it. I cannot find the driver that supports my device, I am hoping you can develop a driver which can work with the latest versions of Windows and other systems.

The mouse sensor data read performance will be impacted. Check if your laptop recognizes the mouse or not in the Device Manager.

I can understand geniuz in the Laptop age we don’t need mouse but still I don’t agree on this. What is System Requirement for SmartGenius? The review was published as it’s written by reviewer in September, Sometimes the wireless mouse cursor jump randomly, it’s possible the AP router AP router and receiver use the same frequency or genuis battery low problem will cause the receiver frequency to be affected.


Can you send me the driver? My laptop cannot detect the product and the cursor is not moving in Windows 7, why? But with the passing of time it became a nuisance specially the right button key.

I need a service manual to check for potential problems, so can repair it ourselves. What can I do? When you have SmartGenius setting problem, how to solve it?

This is a standard USB mouse with arolling ball not opticaltwo buttons, and a scroll wheel. Your opinion is valuable. It is brand new, I bought it from Amazon, how do I get a replacement?

Genius GMP Optical Mouse review

Is there anything I can do? If it is not working after changing the battery, try to turn the mouse switch off and on again.

Unfortunately, we do not offer global warranty on our products. XScroll ioCenter for old model. The fact that you can just push the scroller in and then scroll up or down a page has become very useful venius my day to If yes, move the AP router farther away from receiver, and also move the mouse closer to receiver.


It is very customisable. Only if the model gfnius a special function or Macro key setting is when you need to install the driver. The scroller is an added bonus of course, as you can scroll up and down a page quickly and efficiently.

I like the way I can change the speed of the mouse and it is ergonomically designed so that your hand doesn’t get tired. Genius Netscroll Optical Mouse In a rare event, my former college classmates and I have managed to meet up and stroll in a mall.

The last thing you need is to have to carry a big, bulky bag.

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Is Xscroll compatible with 32 and 64 bit systems? I bought the mouse few years back when optical mouse were a pretty new concept and were 40011p. I must say that I have never been happier with the functionality of a mouse as I have with this one. Feedback We appreciate your feedback for your Genius product user experience Support geniusnet.

Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse.