It will allow you to enjoy the full advan Summary of the content on the page No. Press the numeric keys to input numbers. USB windows device driver installation guide 5. Setting You can change some settings in this menu. Switch off your phone on aircraft Follow airline advisories on phone usage.

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Press again to operate options. You Summary of the content on the page No. Input PIN code supplied by network service provider.

At this time press key to enter the names list, you can add a record to the specific group. If you select ‘On’ option, you can receive broadcasted messages. In simple words, your phone can restrict the callers after saving the mobile numbers in the lists explained below.

After inserted, the phone will check whether the RUIM card is valid. Listening to voice messages, the user needs to press and hold the key 1 Default speed dial for Key 1 is Voice mail. By selecting Outbox, you can erase messages from haied outbox folder.


Up to 14 characters Number: Erase One Allow you to erase the selected black number. Erase You can erase the selected call record. By setting the call haie function, the incoming call is forwarded to your voice mail.

Press the numeric keys to input numbers. USB windows device driver installation guide 5. The Default Security code is After selecting an entry, press key to view options as below: Input the second number after that.

Pressing this key in idle mode allows you to access the WAP menu. Sub there are no messages, ‘No message’ will be displayed. Then select Send option to send the message.

Usb Windows Device Driver Installation Guide – Haier DP User Manual [Page 72]

What is my Security Code? You can allocate the phone memory and the RUIM card memory names to specific groups. Electric or static sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in serious injury or even fatalities.

You e1200p get the user and password from your mobile phone service provider. You can also directly press 1 to 9 to enter the corresponding submenu.

Haier Telecom Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to the contents given, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purp. Use the batteries and fittings manufactured by Haier Telecom Company only.


Press the call key to select the last dialled call. Pressing the key in the menu mode confirms the selected options or enters the next menu. If your wireless service provider supports this x1200p, the voice privacy feature protects the privacy of your current phone conversation from other callers placing phone calls on your same network. Set Gateway You can set gateway as per your preferences.

Full HD LED TV with Smart USB

By clicking the Next button, you will proceed to the actual installation of the USB Windows Device Driver support files into ksb appropriate folders. Easy format schedule organizer.

Setting You can change some settings in this menu.