The PhotoSmart features JetSend infrared technology, which allows the user to “beam” one image at a time from the to other JetSend devices, such as HP cameras and printers, via the infrared port. Most relevant reviews See all 33 reviews. Shutter lag, prefocus 0. Three soft keys lined up below the LCD monitor change functions depending on the camera mode. In our experience, storage class cameras also transfer data much more quickly than device-class cameras: HP claims that their demosaicing process focuses on a larger area surrounding the missing data, and assesses a more likely value, thereby producing less digital artifacts in the final image.

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Flexible exposure controls include aperture- and shutter-priority metering modes. The high-quality Pentax 3x, 5. Fast on and off. The Night setting synchronizes the flash with a slow shutter speed, allowing more ambient light in to balance the exposure. The larger compartment on the right holds a single CompactFlash card, with a small black button on the end to releases the card for removal. As mentioned digihal, the right side of the camera has only a pair of holes for attaching the shoulder strap.

The real-image optical viewfinder includes a diopter adjustment dial, a central autofocus target for lining up shots, and a high eyepoint to facilitate viewing for eyeglass wearers. AA – lithium ion – standard form factor.

HP Photosmart C618

Video, Power, Software The hand grip is covered with a leather-like textured surface that provides a good grip for your fingers as they wrap around the camera. Intro and Highlights 2.


One Shot, Continuous, and Time-Lapse photography modes. The PhotoSmart can connect to the host as either a “Digita Device”, using communication protocols particular to the Digita operating system, or as a storage-class USB device.

The Text submenu allows you to print your own messages on the image, by scrolling through and selecting individual letters from the alphabet.

Digital Cameras – HP PhotoSmart Digital Camera Review

In any settings menu, these arrow keys navigate through menu options. Digigal, we feel the PhotoSmart is a worthy candidate for novice photographers who appreciate having automatic capabilities while they learn about various photographic functions, and room to “grow” into their cameras.

Though small enough to fit into a coat pocket, the has a pleasing heft and solidity when your hands grip the body.

IR Remote Control included. Hewlett-Packard offers a set of NiMH rechargeables, with a battery charger, as optional accessories. The Playback mode provides information about each image in an overlay bar across the top of the screen, including the image number and the date 681 time it was recorded.

If the camera’s metering system disagrees with your settings, the exposure value readout in the top overlay of the LCD monitor will turn red.

HP PhotoSmart – digital camera – PENTAX Overview – CNET

Both compartments are protected by hinged, plastic doors — the connector door pulls open at the bottom with a fingernail even short oneswhile the memory door hpotosmart outward before it swings open. Normal digicam interpolation estimates the values between the known values in an image, which may or may not accurately represent the missing data.


Black and White and Sepia tone effects. In Review mode, the Edit menu allows you to delete photomsart, link them together as groups, write-protect individual images, and categorize them by subject Scenery, Vacation, Friends, etc.

Hidden inside the CompactFlash compartment, this button releases the CompactFlash card and pops it up slightly so that it can be removed from the slot.

HP PhotoSmart 618

The also offers Landscape, Portrait, and Action exposure modes for shooting in specific situations. The PhotoSmart features JetSend infrared technology, which allows the user to “beam” one image at a time from the to other JetSend devices, such as HP cameras and printers, via the infrared port. The details of the dollar bill are crisper in the flash exposure, though the brooch and coin details soften slightly.

This is for power saving. This high performance camera gives consistently great pictures. The camera has some great extras, such as being able to watermark each photo with a personalized message. Cameras by Aloysius Low Dec 6, The Logo submenu allows you to download preset logos from the Hewlett-Packard Web site www.

The Review settings menu offers the following options: