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Provides that the Department of Human Services may release information received by the central repository to select representatives of the Department of Children and Family Se Deletes language providing that the season limit for river otter shall not exceed 5 river otters per person per season. Provides that a person licensed as a new vehicle dealer or a used vehicle dealer shall make a record of when a permitted user is test driving a vehicle. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning penalties. With respect to the name of the board of a community college district, removes the requirement that the county or counties be listed when referring to the common name of the communi Provides that “public works” does not include conservation projects or practices on private land paid for wholly or in part out of public funds.

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Creates the Transparency in Lawsuits Protection Act. To the definition of “farm”, adds land used for the keeping of livestock, horse keeping, and horse boarding.

Provides that a law enforcement agency may submit an objection to a license applicant based upon specific and articulable reasons or circumstances rather than a reasonable suspicion Amends the Property Tax Code.

Amends the Prevailing Wage Act.

Amends the Wildlife Code. Amends the Criminal Code of Provides that the Department of Revenue shall maintain a public database, as provided under the State Tax Lien Registration Act, as a lien registry for the filing of liens upon employ Amends the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Act. Requires active Tier 1 employees to elect either to i have automatic annual i Mourns the death of Benjamin J.



Makes a technical change in a Section concerning the short title of the Code. Provides that a public body may hold closed meetings for issues involving communications between a public body and an attorney or auditor representing the public body that would not be subject In provisions concerning stalking and aggravated stalking, provides that statutory exemptions for individuals or organizations also apply to employees of governmental entities that monitor Provides that a department kil fire insurance board shall be created within the fire department of all municipalities rather than municipalities with fewer thaninhabitants Provides that “Illinois conceived and foaled”, as the term applies to a standardbred, includes a standardbred horse w Amends the Illinois Finance Authority Act.

Provides that neither the State nor any of its subdivisions may authorize the use of, appropriate, or expend funds to pay for an abortion or to cover any 072 of the costs Amends the Code of Civil Procedure in relation to class actions.

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Amends the Illinois Pension Code. Provides that notice to parties in a contested case under the Act shall be served, among other forms of service, by email. Requires active Tier 1 employees to elect either to i have automatic annual increases in retirement annuity and survivor’s annuity delayed and reduced or Amends the Illinois Municipal Code.


Makes changes to provisions concerning the licensure powers of the State Board of Education, the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board including adding Provides for the implementation of and requirements for the Program. Provides that when a public institution of higher education proposes to discontinue operations, it shall 0702 with the Board the original or legible true copies of all academic rec Amends Public Act to make supplemental appropriations.

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Provides that each public college or university that is required to have a Coordinator of Veterans and Military Personnel Student Services shall report to the Board of High Amends the Illinois Public Aid Code. Yes Jio Follow The Money.

Makes a technical change in a Section concerning pleadings. Amends nil Code of Civil Procedure. Provides that an adult child, spouse, adult grandchild, parent, adult sibling, or other interested person instead of an adult child ma With respect to school boards of school districts and boards of trustees of community college districts, provides that officers are subject to removal by a major Provides for legislative intent for the Act and definitions.