The Weekly Timer is a copier management function that shuts down power to the machine on a daily or hourly basis, and can be programmed specifically for lunch breaks, weekends and holidays, or any time the copier is not required. Power Saver Power Saver reduces energy consumption when a copier is not in use. Sorting by shifting 30 2 mm copies are delivered face up Types of paper: Page 80 Section 6: The copier may not start scanning in some copying conditions.

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Sorting by shifting 30 2 mm copies are delivered face up Types of paper: Page ADU that are not affected by the trouble. Advice If an invalid Key operator password is entered, continue by entering the valid 4-digit password.

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To obtain this limited functionality of the copier, consult your Konica service centre. Paper Size [11] Set the paper size type of the universal tray for paper size detection function.

Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Page 25 Section 2: Selection screen will be displayed.


See list below Default settings: Precautions for Installation and Use 2. Page 89 Section 7: Paper Type [6] 7. Page continued Face Up Exit The copier basically outputs copies facing down onto the exit tray in simplex copying, and with the odd number pages facing down in duplex copying.

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Copy Density continued Manual Density Adjustment Manual setting is used to set the density either lighter or darker than the density setting selected automatically by the AE mode. Koniac For details of how to place the originals, see p.

Skip to main content. In this mode, use Proof copy to produce a sample of the copied set before copying multiple copies.

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To avoid an electrical shock. Caution Labels And Indicator Section 1: Periodic maintenance icon Displays when periodic maintenance is required. Caution Labels and Indicator The caution labels and indicator are attached to the machine areas, as shown below, where you konifa advised to pay special attention to avoid any dangerous situations or serious injury. Paper Size Selection Section konjca With 16MB of standard memory that is expandable to 80MB, the copier stores a job management list for directly viewing, prioritizing or deleting komica.


Dimensions The Konica is Page 94 Section 7: Posted on Jan 02, Page 81 Section 6: Page 53 Section 6: Danger, Warning and Caution Symbols The following indicators are used on the caution labels or in this manual to categorize the level of safety cautions.

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The Image Shift Mode Selection screen will be displayed. Key Operator Mode 8.

Page 45 Section 5: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. These specifications are subject to change without notice. The Face up exit operates to reverse the above output manner, that is, output copies facing up in simplex copying and with the odd number pages facing up in duplex copying.

Page 2 Thank you very much for your purchase of the Konica