If so, someone should investigate this matter because I’m going to put it out there on social media and find out how many others have gone through this in the hopes that something might be done since the local post office on Wessel drive in Fairfield, OH does NOT care!!!! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I see that there have been some responses to other complaints and am hopeful I might get a reply. Our mail carrier turns around in our driveway to go back down road for more deliveries I have complained and made both the inside and outside of my mailbox a collage of my name and apartment number to ensure there is no blind spot and my name and address can be read at any angle, and still once or twice a week I fail to recieve my mail and have to go knocking on doors of neighbors, many of which never answer. What end up happening on your case?

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Those are the people who ruin everything.

Rules described in uspz here Rule 0: It seems obvious now that this information would be on the USPS website. Why are USPS postal workers so damn lazy? Swearing up a storm. I cannot merely comprehend the nature of their failures and maybe it’s due to laziness in their part.

Why are USPS postal workers so damn lazy?

Its 2 minutes to 8 and no package in sight. They hire contract people for delivery of my mail but I never receive anything on time it shows for delivery. Although not all USPS employees sups required to wear uniformsthere’s always the possibility this is some weird viral ad for security cameras.


A recent congressional hearing pointed to the current information This post office is the worst post office I’ve ever experienced and I know why us;s one of my closest friends was assigned that PO as the Post Mistress for a while. Again, no note for me, but after a few days the manager would call saying, “when are you going to pick this up?

Is your janitor lazy as hell like ours?? – Postal Employees – Federal Soup

You cannot edit your usls in this forum. As you can see from many of the comments on this thread, there is a problem with the post office not delivering packages correctly or when they say they will even though mail articles – like things from the DMV – go through fine. We have numerous times and it’s still the laziesy. It’s not just you. I swear, our janitor is the laziest, sorriest human being in the postal service!!

Another time bitch just went past my place and never attempted to deliver. It is Babu’s turn to mock. Apparently Amazon almost never actually pays for it, but they’ll give you a month of prime free if you complain.

Adding insult to injury, Gawker notes the driver’s actions could have easily damaged the homeowner’s sprinkler system. Do your job or leave. We just got the new cluster box 2 weeks ago and I was picking up my mail from south Jordan Utah post office.


This is not the first time something laziezt been lost in the mail here. So I did what anyone would do mail yourself a fake letter.

I’ve seen their lazy ass drivers throw packages at houses before so they don’t have to get out the car. I’d be careful with sending cash in the mail. When I had to install a new one, I noticed there were signs of tampering, but I’d made lziest to re-enforce everything. Why is it that when my package arrived to the post office it stopped being traced there was no activity after that.

Laziest Postal Driver Ever Drives Over Lawn Instead Of Walking On Sidewalk (VIDEO)

They always claim there was a delivery attempt, but they never try to deliver a package. We cant trust the mail anymore service has went way down. You just have to big screen I’d have fired the lazy ass after round two.

Check out the video: I could have taken my mail to work but thought it would get out quicker.