Artisan Digital Television Console Manual. Download JetStream Mini Manual. A touch screen on the front panel provides easy access to meters, controls and status functions. Bright VU Meter Manual. Download JetStream Plus Manual. Download the JetStream Plus Manual.

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Numix Digital Console Series 2, color displays.

Through the aduio and 90s, Logitek made a variety of audio meters, distribution amplifiers, phono preamps, and analog audio consoles for broadcasters as well as some specialized equipment for education. Close Type and hit enter. The AE Audio Engine was sold from the late s — The Aduio Plus brings space savings with configuration flexibility to audio networking and routing, with channels in only four rack units. Download Helix Digital Console Manual.

Download the JetStream Plus Datasheet. Download the JetStream Plus Manual.

In the early s, Logitek was the first console manufacturer to introduce a virtual console when it introduced vMix. Bright VU Meter Manual. Logitek in Logitei continues to develop and manufacture hardware, while the new Australian team develops the software that runs on that hardware. Download Command Builder v5. Download JetStream Mini Manual.


All software for the JetStream is pre-loaded on the embedded computer. We’ll never spam or give this address away. After creating equipment for the station to use, the two decided to turn that into a business. A drop-down front panel logktek it easy to access cards, and redundant power supplies ensure robust performance. Version 3 engines were sold roughly from through For the first series of Mosaic, see Older Products. The Mosaic console listed here is for series 2, manufactured from December to present.

AE Config for version 2. Download Pilot Adio Console Manual. These are our current models.

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The company you are audoo for is spelled differently and we are not associated with them in any way. It handles console functions as well as audio routing duties. Artisan Digital Television Console Manual.

Download the JetStream Mini Manual. Now with Dugan Insert Points!

Technical Support

They have olgitek trained to provide you technical support and will contact the factory on your behalf if necessary. Mosaic Digital Console Manual series 1, prior to December After installing many Logitek systems across that country sinceLogitek Australia offered to lend us their software expertise to bring new concepts to market faster.


Custom Audio Series console — late 70s — mid 90s. Remora Digital Console Manual. This site uses cookies: Contact the loigtek for a password to download the software.