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You should obtain a replace- ment drum cartridge soon. Contact your Muratec dealer. These security features include: Upper and lower case characters Press [ ] to toggle between upper and lower case. The loaded paper does not match the paper registered in the machine. Cover Page Prints the cover page. Every fax page you send arrives at the receiving machine with a single line of text at the top of the page.

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Programming A Soft Key Use this to set the paper size on the bypass tray. To change the name, press [ ] or [ ] to move the cursor, press [Cancel] to erase the name. While in Mode 1, any autodialer numbers you use must include the PIN. Separator Page Separator page The separator page function can separate each received document by inserting blank paper on the top of the received document.

Advanced receiving zcanner The function that are not assigned to the soft key can be selected by using advanced functions key. A communication error disrupted the reception or transmission. Plug the telephone line cable into the LINE jack and the other end to the wall jack. Press [Menu], [2], [2], [0], [3], then [Enter].


Drivers for Muratec F Scanner

In an ordinary broadcast, you can send faxes as you normally would, except you just add more fax numbers. It keeps trying until one of the following occurs: Print Quality Problems See page The transport mode is not used in the F Call groups can store many one-touch keys and speed-dial numbers, so you can broadcast the fax message by simply scanneg the group dialing operation.

Acceptable documents Single-sheet Size Max. No Number Stored Press [ ] or [ ] to select a one-touch number. The difference between the two is how you dial them.


Page 28 Unpack the starter toner cartridge from its carton. Your transmission times will vary, but your machine always will provide the fastest transmission speeds possible under ITU-T guidelines and phone-line conditions. A macro key faithfully records up to 60 steps. Broadcasting Broadcasting The fastest way to fax one document to many recipients is to broadcast it. Set correct scqnner paper or change the paper size setting see page Before Copying Before copying Document and paper handling Before you begin making copies, please read the information mentioned on pages to Copy Protect Enter Passcode: AC V Do not share an extension cord connector with other plugs This could cause electrical shock.


Report Soft key 2: Table Of Contents Regulatory information Enter Settings Code Dept.

Symbols and terms In this manual, the following symbols, terms and abbreviation are used. Making Connections Making connections Telephone line connection Attach the supplied ferrite core to the telephone line cable as illustrated below.

Muratec F 300 – multifunction printer

Your machine only remembers the day of the month that it is supposed to send a delayed transmission. The following is not a complete list, but is meant to be used as a guide to responsible copying. Chapters Table Of Contents Page 5 Quick one-touch registration To exit and return to the standby mode, press [Reset].

You can enter up to numbers: This warranty will be honored only on presentation of the original dated autho- rized Muratec bill of sale or Muratec dealer bill of sale or sales slip to an authorized Muratec service representative or service center.